Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week Three: (Un?)Lucky Duck

 Looking Out to the Left

Shimmery Water

Marathon Training Week Three (Week of June 24, 2013):

Monday: 34-minute run after a day at Lake Huron with my sister-in-law and the kiddos

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: LONG RUN! 50 minutes.

Thursday: Return to Texas (Detroit—>Chicago—>Houston—>College Station)

Friday: Off (day of recovery from Thursday’s travel + Camping Gear 101 lesson)

Saturday: Bike ride for groceries + 30-minute evening run

Sunday: LONG RUN!  63 minutes of running + 45 minutes of walking

Total minutes run this week: 177(!)

I want to keep this short tonight because I’m trying to get to bed early.  Tomorrow Paul and I will make the long trek to Albuquerque, and we want to leave with the sunrise.  Today I did something that was both fun and colossally stupid: I got lost during my long run.  And because I got lost, I ended up doing a 45-minute walk after my long run, thus increasing my mileage by several miles today.  I figured it’s not all bad, as I’ll be in a car all day tomorrow, and the last few days have been kinda low on fitness because of the busy-ness of traveling from Michigan to Texas.  I’ve been feeling a bit tired this evening but otherwise feel okay after my epic fail today.

As for the title, I was unlucky when I got myself lost.  But!  I was really lucky that this morning’s weather was great for a long run: about 20 degrees cooler than yesterday with tolerable humidity.  I’m really pleased with myself that I got my long run done today, in addition to all my prep for our trip.  So on that high note, I will sign off.

Happy running, my dears!

PS  The two photos are from Lake Huron, which I now adore.  So big, so beautiful, so cold! ;-)

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