Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Focus on Relaxing

Honestly, I really wanted to skip the running work-out I had planned for tonight.  I wanted to take a nap instead.  Then I wanted to eat a big bowl of cereal for dinner and curl up with my book.  I went running instead.

It was quite hot today, so before lacing up my sneakers, I loafed around for about an hour, reading, hydrating, and thinking about a nap.  I settled instead on trying to be in bed by 10 PM tonight.  I think I’m not getting quite enough sleep, and it’s making me a little cranky.

I did an out-and-back run, repeating my 2 x 10 minutes + 5 minute walk break routine.  This work-out is starting to feel easier, which is a good sign.  The last 2 minutes of running were hard, and I had to focus on finishing them.  Whenever I start counting the amount of time or number of miles I have left to run, it’s a sign that I’m feeling tired.  In those moments, I find that it’s really important to focus on relaxing and breathing evenly.  Sometimes I have to shake out my shoulders and arms, which often become tired and tense from running.  I’m kind of a tense person, and running is a way of forcing my body to loosen up and relax into the rhythm.

Dinner felt like a very nice reward after my run: black bean tostadas with a side of lettuce straight from the package.  And for dessert: that bowl of cereal I’ve been craving since 5 PM.  And then maybe, just maybe, an early bedtime for me.  Even night owls need their beauty sleep.

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