Thursday, May 27, 2010

Night Runner

Sunday’s Run (5/23/10) 

I returned from Chicago very late on Saturday night, and it was so nice to come home.  To my surprise, by Sunday night, I was eager to lace up my sneakers and go for an easy run.  While I was on vacation in Chicago, I didn’t do any formal work-outs.  There was lots of walking and climbing of stairs to catch the el train, but my running shoes stayed in my suitcase.  Oh well.  Part of the reason I’m training now for a half-marathon in March of 2011 is that I want to have plenty of time for the weeks when I just don’t run.  Those weeks often happen when I’m on vacation because things get more chaotic for me when I’m not at home.  I love going away, but I also love returning to my routines at home.

Sunday night’s run was easy and wonderful: 20 minutes, 10 min. x 2 with 4 min. walk break.  I felt GREAT!  My legs were well-rested, though my right hip was hurting a bit at the start.  The day had cooled off, and there was a wonderful breeze too.  I felt like I could have run more, but I thought it was best if I stick to doing an easy run after a week off of serious exercise.

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