Thursday, May 27, 2010

Monday Yogi

Monday Night’s Yoga (5/24/10)

The work-out: Yoga for Strength #1.  This one is hard!  My thighs started burning during the warrior series, but I like how this class spends so much time in warrior poses—serious leg strengtheners!  Often I find that when I am guided through yoga by someone else’s cues, the warrior poses are not as long as I’d like.  But this class pushes my warrior limits.

My legs are a bit sore from yesterday’s run.  Also of fitness interest: when I was laying on the floor reading last night, I decided to do a bunch of close-arm (triceps) push-ups, and I’m feeling the effects tonight.  Whew!  These “tricep” push-ups are great, and I like how they are used in many of the yoga classes from  I don’t work my triceps very often, so it’s nice to discover a neglected body part and feel it working hard.

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