Friday, March 25, 2011



Skirt Leaves Wind


Tuesday and Thursday’s Bike Ride Commutes (3/22 and 3/24/11)

Oh goodness, I am so happy today is Friday.  It’s been a long week, and I need a weekend.  I also need to do my taxes, but who wants to talk about that?  At least I live in the great state of Texas, where we have no state income tax…for now!  Actually, maybe you do want to talk about that?  Yes, Texas: no state income taxes.  It’s not the money that makes me happy, it’s the lack of paperwork.  Paperwork is the pits, and the less of it I have in my life, the better. 

(Oh, okay, the money is a sweet bonus.  Certainly.  Plus the state of Illinois, which is where I used to live, has raised their state income tax from 3 to 5%.  Holy moly.  I am sort of glad I don’t have to pay 5% in state income taxes!  But boy, do they need it.  Maybe I should send them a check anyway.  They keep sending me paperwork so I can file my state of IL income tax, which is weird because I haven’t lived in Illinois for a year and half.  Maybe they’re just hoping I’ll forget that minor detail?)

Anyway, so yes, today is Friday and I’m tired and excited and a tiny bit tipsy on champagne right now.  We had a little good-bye party for one of our lab members, and I’m feeling melancholy about his absence.  His personality is such a big part of the lab, and I know this place won’t be the same without him.  Who is going to talk to me about Duke basketball now?  Who is going to regale me with stories about…everything?  Politics, sports, military vehicles, Freebird’s burritos—we talk about all the important things.

One thing we don’t talk much about is bicycle-riding, which is a shame because it’s such a pleasant pastime.  This week I did the bike commute on Tuesday and Thursday.  My afternoon rides were slow and lazy with pit stops for various reasons.  On Tuesday, I was determined to get some nice photos, and it was my lucky day: I caught that butterfly up there in a rare moment of stillness.  I also took some fun photos of my favorite skirt, including that middle photo where the wind was swirling it around me.  I like that photo a lot.

Finally, does anyone else find that broken CD ironic?  I do!  Oh, love…

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