Wednesday, March 2, 2011



Bike in Favorite Unusual Spot

Another Blaze of a Sunset

This Week’s Taper (March 6 is Race Day!)

I’m excited that the next long run I will do is going to have water stations, friendly spectators, and a real finish line at the end.  I’m excited to let myself be carried along by the energy of the event, and I can’t wait to see what my legs can do after all these months of training.  March 6 is Race Day, and I am EXCITED!

I’m having a good week, too.  I took Monday as a rest day after Sunday’s long run.  On Tuesday, I rode my bike to and from work, and it was an easy, peaceful ride with no wind and mild weather.  How kind of Texas to take it easy on me during my taper!  I had an impromptu meeting with my boss this morning, so last night was spent analyzing and polishing my data.  Afterward, I made dinner, experimenting with an Asian-ish coleslaw recipe (yum!) and giving into my cookie craving.  To be clear, I ate dinner then baked cookies, digging into my archives to come up with this easy, tiny-batch recipe.  I cannot help but love a recipe that makes 8-10 cookies, which is perfect for a midweek cookie craving in between analyzing data sets and watching Private Practice on Hulu.  I won’t argue that these cookies are the very best cookies I’ve ever eaten, but they’re tasty, and their flavor and texture are even better the next day.  My lunchbox was happy.

Tonight I’m hoping to do some yoga, as I’ve been missing it and I’m feeling a little sore from my long run.  This weekend is going to be a wild one, with the race on Sunday and fun social stuff on Friday and Saturday.  I think it will be good for my state of mind if I can do some yoga before all the excitement begins—I want to be at my best for all the fun that starts on Friday with Matt’s arrival and a dinner at The Lemon Wedge!

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