Thursday, March 17, 2011

Now with More Zip than Ever!

Bike with Fountains

Another Springtime Sunset

Purple Flowers

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday Bike Riding (3/14-3/15/11 and 3/17/11)

My sweet bike and I have been reunited!  As I mentioned last week, I dropped my baby off at the bike doctor’s because she was having some serious problems.  I felt that it was best to let the experts sort things out.  Also, Matt convinced me that now was a good time to give the bike a routine tune-up.  I, fortunately, have learned to listen to his advice because it’s usually spot-on the right thing to do.

It turns out that when the wind slammed my bike into the ground, the spindle was bent, which explains all the issues with the pedals and the gears.  The spindle is basically a rod that connects the pedals to the bike frame—it sits perpendicularly to the bike frame.  If it’s bent, then things can’t rotate evenly because the spacing is no longer equal between all parts of the spindle-pedal system.  Anyway, the spindle had to be replaced, and the bike doctor was able to do that quickly because he had the part in stock.  He also fixed my right brake, which had stopped working some time back.  And now, my bike is back with more zip than ever!  Riding it is so much fun again, so fast and easy and smooth.  I am in love, all over again.

Please pardon the relative silence on Feels Like Flying this week.  I’m having some belly issues this week, and I don’t feel very good.  That’s also why I’m not running this week or doing yoga.  Biking, for whatever reasons, is easy enough that I can do it even if I’m a little unwell.  The rhythms seem to soothe my cranky body, and it’s nice to feel the sunshine on my face while I ride around town.

In the meantime, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  May the luck o’ the Irish be with you, sweet reader.

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