Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Perfect Skirt, a Sloggy Run

New Running Skirt

Week of July 15, 2012:

Thursday: Off (out to dinner with the girls)

Friday: Short morning run (20 minutes)

Saturday: Bike commute to work + grocery shopping

Total minutes run this week: 80.

Week of July 22, 2012:

Sunday: Long run! (40 minutes)

I am taking a deep breath and showing you my new running skirt.  While I love the skirt (LOVE it!), the photo above is neither focused nor very flattering to me, but whatever.  I have never claimed that my belly is photogenic, and here you can see it peeking out.  I think it’s entirely possible to be happy with your body and yet not thrilled with every single part.  That’s how I feel about my midsection.  I have a short torso, and that fact will never, ever change.  No amount of dieting, exercise, self-hatred, or denial will alter that aspect of my figure.  While I embrace the whole of my appearance, I will always be a little self-conscious about my belly.  Maybe some self-consciousness is a good thing—perhaps it keeps us humble?

Anyway, let’s talk about this skirt!  I am absolutely in love with it.  I found it at Target; it’s the C9 line by Champion.  My skirt is a simple black number, with little shorts underneath.  Running in it is an absolute joy: the shorts do not ride up at all, and the skirt just floats along with me.  Everything stays snug and comfortable, and I think the fabric has some of that sweat-wicking technology too.  My skirt was $15 on sale this month at Target, so if you’re interested, I recommend it.  I’ve run in it several times too, so my review is a more thorough assessment than a single run.

The sweat-wicking came in handy, as today’s run was done in almost 100% humidity—the overcast sky was sprinkling on me during my run.  I chose a new route today, an out-and-back over to Veterans Park, which is the start and end site of the Armadillo Dash every year.  It was fun to visit the park where I’ve ended three of my four half-marathons; I have a lot of good memories attached to that place now.  My run was a good one, though I’ll confess that it was a hard one too.  The humidity was pretty oppressive, and I felt tired about halfway through my 40-minute long run.  It wasn’t too hot (by Texas standards, at least), but I was glad to finish it.  The walk home was nice, though—a 10-minute stroll accompanied by that post-run happy feeling.

How is your weekend?


  1. It's interesting to hear other people's views on their own bodies. I mostly love mine, but I admit I have a few vanity issues - I think we all do. I will say that I looked at your photo before reading the post and thought, Dang! Girl has some fit arms and shoulders!

    Funny that how we see ourselves and how others see us can can be so different!

    1. I agree! I wonder if that's sort of the final configuration of the body love/body acceptance movement--that loving your body doesn't mean that you can't have parts you dislike. I have an aversion to all-or-nothing scenarios :-)

      This may sound cheesy, but I truly believe the important thing is to focus on your health: eating well, being active, and getting enough sleep. Any diet or weight-loss plan that seems imbalanced in those areas makes me very suspicious...which is why I like vegetarian and paleo approaches that focus on whole foods.

  2. Nice job of scoring that skirt on sale! Regarding the photo, I think you look very fit and toned.

    1. Thanks! Now I feel like perhaps I was unconsciously fishing for compliments, but I do always feel a twinge of shyness about posting full-body (or nearly full-body) photos of myself...

      The problem with buying one running skirt is that you start thinking about buying a second one...I know Target had some grey skirts that I thought were cute. I didn't try them on, but now I'm thinking about it. Running clothes are an investment in fitness, right? So it's not just frivolous spending, right? (Right?!?)