Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Heart Summer Running in Texas: Link Love

Fence with Sunburst

Fern-like Thingies

This summer, I am determined to conquer my fear of summer running in Texas.  The heat and humidity are formidable around these parts, but the benefits of running outside loom large.  I want to enter the fall/winter running season with strong legs and a great base to support me during my next half-marathon training cycle.  With those thoughts in mind, I’ve rounded up a few fun posts to inspire me and any of you to not let the heat get the best of you.

* I like these two posts from Amanda of ChemE Runner: Summer Running in Austin: Part 1 and  Summer Running in Austin: Part 2.  It’s good to be reminded that while summer running is tough, it does have its rewards.  (Also, check out this super-cute post about Amanda’s dual-race weekend, during which she ran a 5K with her boyfriend and their two dogs!  She is adorable…and a pretty hardcore runner.  I love it.)

* The Idiot’s Guide to Summer Running in Texas is self-explanatory.

* Our own Chrissy wrote a good post reminding us to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and not to freak out about running slowly: Summer Fun Running.

Got any links to add to this list?  Feel free to leave a comment!  And happy running, as always.


  1. Ha! I'm glad you included my link. I need to re-read that myself. I'm trying to get back into running regularly (this summer has been pretty lazy on that front - I blame all the awesome classes in the nice, air-conditioned YMCA). But I want to run a half in October, so the time to build my base is now.

    Slow and sweaty wins the race, right? :)

    1. Right! Your post is awesome. I'm thinking of this summer the same way: time to build the base and log some miles. It feels like I have to work very hard to run slowly, and that's a tough reality to accept, but I'm still happy to be getting out there to run.

      Happy running to you, friend!