Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Running Fun: Podcasts!

Hello again!  Do you guys listen to any running podcasts?  I found one a few weeks ago, and now I’m hooked: The Extra Mile Podcast.  The gist of the show is that listeners call in to talk about their training, racing, injuries, running gear, and all things related to running.  In that sense, it’s really a listener-created show, which is groovy.  The host, Kevin, offers an update on his own life and training in the introduction (usually done during his lunch-break run, from what I can tell).  At the end, he summarizes any questions or concerns brought up during the show, such as advice about injuries and questions about gear.

It took me some time to get used to listening to Kevin and some listeners recording their podcast contribution while running—all that heavy breathing reminds me of sex, because I am a pervert.  But I’ve sort of gotten over that, and in any case, it’s so much fun to listen to everyone’s stories.  I’m most inspired by the extremes: the hardcore runners with very serious training plans (such as Stuart in southern California) and the beginners who are overjoyed to learn that they, too, can run and love it.  The newbies make me feel so proud to be a runner, to be a member of a sport that opens its arms to welcome anyone who wants to lace up their sneakers and MOVE.  And running is such a rewarding sport for beginners because they often see results quickly: gains in endurance and speed, gains in muscle mass, loss of weight.  All of that from such a simple endeavor—it’s humbling.

Do you have a favorite podcast about running?  Do share!  I love finding new podcasts.


  1. I've never heard of this podcast, but I'm glad you shared it! As I said in my last comment (can you tell I'm catching up on blogs instead of working right now?) I am trying to get back into a running schedule, and this sounds like it'll inspire me to stay on track.

    No running podcasts to share, though I do love me some This American Life.

    1. If you love race reports, then I think you'll enjoy The Extra Mile. TONS of race reports, from all over the world (but mostly North America and Great Britain)!

      Ooh. This American Life. I do enjoy Ira Glass, so maybe it's time to add that one into my podcast rotation :-) I listen to a lot of podcasts at work when I'm doing flywork or scoring behavior, both of which I can easily do while listening to something. So I have a lot of time for podcasts!