Friday, July 27, 2012

Hello, Flexibility

Yoga Mat

Week of July 22, 2012:

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: Bike ride for groceries

Wednesday: Morning run (20 minutes)

Thursday: More yoga!

Friday: Morning run (20 minutes)

I almost called this post “Good-bye, Flexibility,” because I have noticed lately that 1) my flexibility is getting worse, and 2) I have not been doing my yoga.  Or at least prior to this week, I was not doing my yoga.  I do stretch after runs and I usually do a little bit of yoga/stretching before bed, but I think all the running and biking was starting to take its toll on my back and legs.  Touching my toes was getting harder!

By some miracle, this week I managed to fit two yoga sessions into my evenings.  Two!  The yoga was, as always, wonderful and relaxing.  I seem to be in a better frame of mind to enjoy yoga now that I’m feeling more peaceful about my personal life.  It’s ironic that at a time when I should have been relying on yoga to comfort me, I wanted motion and distraction: running and biking, anything to trick myself into moving forward (both physically and metaphorically).  It wasn’t that yoga wasn’t working for me; it’s that I just didn’t want it.  This week I wanted it, and it was right where I left it: on my yoga mat.

Happy weekend, everyone.  Namaste.

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