Friday, September 24, 2010

Back in the Saddle (so to speak)

Backyard Beauty

Vacation and Thursday’s Run (9/23/10)

I’m back in Texas after six days in the Mitten State, home of the tall trees and my beloved family.  It was a slow, lovely vacation.  I played with my niece, ate delicious food, took some amazing photos (if I’m allowed to brag), and went for slow walks around the neighborhood.  I had a great time, I barely exercised at all, and I certainly didn’t go running.  But it’s all good because that’s what vacations are for: rest and food and enjoying your favorite people.

(The photo above is a view of my brother’s backyard.  He and his family live on an acre of land in a suburb of Detroit, and most of the yard is a field filled with goldenrod and tall grasses.  The trees outline the edges of the property, and around the field is a path that’s been mowed through the grasses.  We like to take my niece for “hayrides” around the field in her jogging stroller.  In the wintertime, I hear that there are slayrides around the field.)

I returned home late on Tuesday night.  It’s been tough trying to transition back into work mode after such a nice vacation, in part because it’s such a grueling trip to travel from Michigan to Texas.  I’m happy that I made it to Friday and that I have most of two days to rest and recover from all the activity.

I did, however, lace up my sneakers and go for a run last night.  I haven’t been running much, and I know that the time has arrived for me to get serious about my half-marathon training.  October is the month when the mileage needs to start increasing, which means I’ve only got a few more days to physically and mentally prepare for that commitment.  I think I’m ready.

Last night’s run was an easy ten minutes around the neighborhood, just to remind my legs that yes, they can run!  It was fun.  I felt like I could have run more, but I didn’t want to overdo it, so I kept it short and sweet.  Tomorrow, I hope to hit the pavement again—perhaps for twenty minutes this time?  That’s not too ambitious, right?

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