Thursday, September 30, 2010

By Bike or By Foot

In the Morning Light

Fall Shines with Evening Light

Thursday, By Bike and By Foot (Bike ride and lots of walking, 9/30/10)

Today and tomorrow are going to be unusually hectic because of a set of experiments I’m doing that are yielding some exciting results.  I’m really motivated to get these experiments done since I’ve been plugging away at a particular project for several weeks without getting any promising data.  But this week might change all of that and pay me back for all my efforts.  This week, the tide changes.  (Maybe.)

On top of a nutty experimental schedule in which I’m doing experiments that take 10-12 hours to finish, I finally, finally dropped the bike off at the bike shop for a flat-tire repair.  I am so relieved to have the bike in the shop!  I decided to spring for the more expensive inner tube, which I think will serve me well.  As the bike shop clerk pointed out, there is a lot of debris around here from construction and the fact that some College Station residents have taken up bottle-smashing as a pastime.

Today I was here, there, everywhere!  I biked to work.  Then, in the late afternoon, I rode over to the bike shop to drop off the bike for its fix-up, and I walked back to work.  I took the bus home, and after dinner, I caught the bus to campus, took care of my experimental obligations, and caught the bus home.  The walk between the bus stop and work is about 15 minutes, so altogether, I walked for at least 45 minutes today.  It was good, because I like walking, but my body is ready for bed.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday and the weekend can begin!

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