Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Like a Saturday, but Nicer

Catching the Evening Light

Better Than the Bus

Tuesday’s Bike Ride (9/28/10)

I had a really lovely day, and I think my biking commute to work played a role in that.  I just discovered Simply Bike, a great blog whose spirit of cycling fun, adventure, and earth-crunchiness resonates with me.  Plus the author, S., is an academic, and I feel a special kinship with other bloggers who work in academia.  S.’s enthusiasm for the biking commute has inspired me to try biking to work a little more often on the weekdays.  It’s a great idea: it gives me a break from the bus, the weather is gorgeous right now, and a morning ride in the sunshine makes me feel good all day long.  And today, it made a Tuesday feel like a Saturday.  I’ve been biking so much on the weekends that this mid-week ride made me feel cheerfully weekend-ish in the best way possible.  I had a good, productive day at work, with an especially good meeting with my advisor, but I had that relaxed, happy feeling that weekends bring.  It was a very nice day.

On a biking-related note: I had a chance to pop into one of the local bike shops to discuss my recurring flat-tire issue.  The good news is that this shop, which is adjacent to campus and only a 20-minute walk from where I work, can replace the leaky tire’s inner tube for ~$32-39, depending on whether I get the super thick inner tube, which should be much more durable and less likely to sustain a puncture wound.  I’m very excited about getting the tire fixed so that I don’t have to add air to the inner tube every time I go for a ride.  Whee!   

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