Monday, September 6, 2010


Evidence of Rain

Monday’s Bike Ride (9/06/10)

I’m in a fall mood tonight.  I give the rain credit for that; any time the sun goes away and the clouds descend, it feels like a totally different place and season.  I think it’s great, except when the rain lingers long enough to piddle on me while I ride a bike home.  Today’s “work-out” was another biking commute.  Apparently it was unnecessary for me to pedal my way to campus, as the busses were running today and the undergrads had classes.  I’m a little off today!  Maybe I should just do some yoga and call it a night.

But wait!  I must tell you that in addition to rain, we had the most beautiful evening light.  It was spectacular.  I went outside twice to take skyline pictures, and the second time, there was a full-blown rainbow in the sky.  I was stunned.

The Real Deal!

Can you see it?  I’m afraid it was better in person, but I think it looks pretty good here too.  Finally, to complement the fall mood, I baked digestive biscuits in the shape of leaves.  Isn’t this one charming?

A Harbinger of Fall

(I went a little crazy with the camera tonight.  Sometimes I find inspiration everywhere, and I just can’t help myself.  Maybe all the biking has made me a little nutty.  I did bike an estimated 20-something miles in three days.  That’s a lot.  My muscles may have sucked up all my blood sugar and left me unable to restrain myself from taking pictures of everything.  I’ll spare you the photos I took of my feet.)

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