Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Can See Blue Underneath All That Grey

Trees as Seen from the Bus Window

Leggings and Tallish Socks 

Saturday’s Bike Ride Commute + Sunday’s Run (11/13-11/14/10)

Whew, what a busy, busy weekend!   I spent a good chunk of it in the lab, so I had to trick myself into thinking that Saturday was Tuesday in order to not get mad about working so much on weekends.  It was a good working weekend; I got a lot done, including my 50-minute long run on Sunday!

Backing up for a moment to Saturday…I rode the bike to work on Saturday morning.  In the afternoon, I rode it to the other side of town to buy white wine and groceries for my special Saturday dinner plans: leeks and garlic braised in white wine.  Then, because I am a twit, I totally effed up the recipe and now I have barely edible leeks in the fridge which I am forcing myself to eat as punishment (and because I don’t have other options for lunches right now).  Thank goodness the leeks are almost gone.  And that poor recipe!  I’m sure it’s perfectly delicious if you actually follow instructions, but why would you do that?  Isn’t cooking more exciting when you go off the map?

Sunday found me in the lab again, but I escaped around 4 PM and headed home to do my long run.  It was beautiful, melancholy day with grey skies and the merest slip of blue at the edge of the horizon.  It was cold, too, at least by Texas standards, so I wore long running tights and a big baggy sweatshirt for my run.  I must admit that the run was a sloggy one, and the baggy clothes didn’t help me feel sleek and speedy.  It wasn’t a bad run, though I did end up getting a little turned around when I did a big loop around the Texas A & M golf course.  I was able to do my 50 minutes without scheduled stops.  I did have to stop several times to cross busy roads, but that’s the price one pays for some variety in running routes.

By the way, I love the first photo above.  I took it inside the bus on my way to campus and am most pleased with how it turned out.  It’s pretty unusual for us to have such grey skies in Texas, and I love how the bare tree branches look against that slate grey sky.

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