Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Conquer the Miles

Through the Branches

Leaves and Flops

Post-Run Lunch

Sunday’s Run (10/31/10)

My goodness, I never realized how pretty brown can be!  I really like the first two photos, which I took in the afternoon, after I was all cleaned up from my 40-minute long run.  It was a gorgeous, summery day outside, with lots of heat and bright light.  Though I love fall weather, I’ll take whatever I get down here, which is not always very fall-like, even on Halloween.  That’s how it goes in the Lone Star State.

My long run on Sunday was a good one.  It was a mixed bag of feelings, as far as runs go.  It was challenging, though it was my second 40-minute long run for this training season.  But I felt strong, pushing myself to keep up with the challenge.  I don’t know if I was actually running faster than I did during my first 40-minute run, but I definitely had the feeling that this was no easy run.  I was working during this run.

I’m happy to report that my body is handling the training schedule very well.  I am doing a lot of cross-training because I’m riding a bike to work a few days a week, and I’m only running two days a week, usually.  But when I do run, the only discomforts I feel are perhaps a little stiffness at the beginning of the run and a little soreness and fatigue at the end of a long run.  I’m recovering quickly from the long runs, again with some soreness and fatigue the next day.  Yes, I realize that the long runs must keep getting longer, at which point recovery starts to become longer and slower, but I’m happy with how my running is going, physically and mentally.

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