Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sunlight and Layers

Blue Skies Again

A Moment of Rest

Shadow Shot

Tuesday/Thursday Bike Ride Commutes and Wednesday’s Walk (11/16-11/18/10)

I’m having a cozy evening with a Boston Legal DVD and a mug of Sleepytime Vanilla Tea.  The last few days have been busy with work and bike rides and a long walk home from campus.  I’m looking forward to the upcoming holiday weekend, when I’ll spend Thursday making a quiche and celebrating Thanksgiving with a friend and her friends.  On Friday, I plan to be a couchworm, snuggled under blankets and drinking hot tea.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?

On Tuesday, I did the usual bike ride commute, which was tough because it was so windy!  The ease of bike riding around here is totally, completely dependent on the strength and direction of the wind on any given day.  It’s a good work-out, I suppose, when the wind is working against you, but sometimes I just want a pleasant, easy ride to work.  But whatever—the weather doesn’t take its cues from me.

Fortunately, Wednesday was absolutely gorgeous, and I got to go shopping.  My sister had convinced me to buy a Gap Groupon: I paid $25 and got a coupon good for $50 at the Gap.  It was a fabulous deal; the only trouble is that I went to the Gap twice and couldn’t find enough clothing to spend my Groupon!  I decided to go back one last time, and I finally found something worth taking home.  Actually, I found several things worth taking home, including a beautiful blue cowl-neck shirt, which is soft and sleek, and a twirly, navy-blue skirt.  The skirt is knee-length and it has pockets!  I’m totally copycatting this skirt, which I loved and immediately wanted in my own closet.  It’s worth noting that both the cowl-neck shirt and the skirt are unlike any other pieces I own, so I feel like I’m really expanding my wardrobe horizons here.

I took the bus to and from the mall, then I walked home from campus.  It was a warm evening, and my walk was probably about 40 minutes.  I was tired and hungry when I got home, so I decided to call the walk my exercise for the day.  I had also put in quite a few minutes of walking earlier in the day—walking to work from the bus stop, then across campus to another bus stop to catch a different bus.  Walk, walk, walk—nowadays people often think I’m too thin, but they just don’t realize that I walk all the time.

On Thursday, I did the bike ride commute again and took the two bike photos you see above.  With our short hours of daylight, I’m finding that the best time for me to do photos is in the afternoon, when I’ve gotten most of my work done and I can sneak outside for a few minutes while the sun is bright and the breeze is warm and gentle.  In the second photo, the building behind my bike is the building in which I work.  Exciting!  Dressing for a bike ride was kinda fun this morning.  It was a chilly day, at least at 9 AM it was, so I layered my cozy blue sweater over my indoor clothes, then I wrapped a scarf around my neck and slipped on some stretchy gloves.  Those layers made for a warm, comfortable morning ride, and I did it again in the evening.  I could get used to these luxurious layers for the next few months!

Happy almost-weekend!  I’m ready for it.  I hope you are too.

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