Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stretch into the Darkness


Monday’s Yoga (11/08/10)

Post-run day is yoga day, and Monday was no exception.  I thought about skipping this work-out and taking a rest day, but somehow I pulled myself away from reading blogs, unrolled my yoga mat, and let Dave Farmar lead me through his Baptiste Power Yoga Flow #3.  Afterward, I had an amazing night’s rest and woke up the next morning before my alarm clock went off, which happens so rarely that I was stunned.  Stunned!  I had a wonderful workday morning and rode my bike to work in the sunshine, ready to start a new day in the lab.

I’ve noticed, and other people have pointed this out to me, that when I write blog posts, I like my stories to have a little moral or lesson at the end.  Perhaps I’m just a pedant, but I like to think that each day offers the chance to learn something new.  With yoga, I feel the lesson reveals itself over and over again: one must be patient and dedicated to reap the benefits.  Sometimes that means doing yoga when I’d rather play on the internet.  For me, whose mind tends to drift into a hazy daydreamy fairyland, the self-discipline that it takes to keep my yoga practice going is something that I take with me off the mat, and that’s a message I’m willing to evangelize.

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