Friday, October 29, 2010

Autumn Came for a Visit

Morning Over College Station

A Bike and a Trick of the Light

One Last Ride

Getting into a Weekend Kind of Mood: Thursday’s Bike Ride Commute and Yoga + Friday’s Walk (10/28-10/29/10)

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think fall has finally arrived in Texas!  We had a heat spell earlier this month that had me ironing my shorts again (see photos above for the evidence), but on Thursday, it was a very cool morning.  On Friday, it was downright chilly!  My computer informed me that at about 8 AM this morning, it was 7 degrees Celsius, which is about 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  Chilly!  I don’t think we’ve seen a temperature that low since last winter.

I rode the bike to and from work on Thursday.  Those rides were probably my last on this beautiful blue bike, as she’s going back to her owner this weekend.  I was a little sad for a while about this.  I have loved riding this bike, and having it for the last nine months has made it so much easier for me to enjoy this town.  I’ve taken it to work countless times, gone to the shops on it, and hopped on it just for fun—because I could.  I haven’t had regular access to a bike since I was seventeen, namely because my bike was stolen that summer and I never replaced it.  Bike riding is, for me, equal parts pleasure and transportation.  Now that I know how much a bike enhances my quality of life, I’m going shopping for a new bike tomorrow with my lovely friend Amutha, to whom this blue bike belongs.  She’s a great friend.

On Thursday evening, in an effort to start relaxing into the weekend, I did Gentle Hatha Yoga #2.  I was feeling a little wound-up about my to-do list over the next week or so.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I thought about that to-do list a lot during yoga, but I do think that imperfect yoga is better than no yoga at all.  (As an aside, I should mention that I don’t really believe there is such thing as “perfect yoga,” as standards of perfection would seem to run against the spirit of yoga.  But I do enjoy yoga more when I’m not fretting about the future during my warrior poses.)

I made an executive decision not to do my long run tonight.  Instead, I went for a slow walk around the neighborhood, soaking up the last of the fading sunlight for the day.  Then I came home and made dinner, a version of something that’s fast becoming one of my weeknight staples: a bed of steamed kale, freshly cooked rice, and gussied-up black beans, topped with salsa, shredded cheese, and green onions.  It’s fast and easy to make, and for tonight at least, it helped clear out some of the leftovers that were camping in my fridge.  And of course, it’s delicious and reasonably healthy.  What shall I call it?  Mexican Rice Plate?  Hmm…

Now I’m off to clean up the kitchen a bit, make myself a mug of Sleepytime Vanilla, and watch an episode of Private Practice on  Happy weekend, friends!  I hope it’s cozy and lovely, wherever you are.

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