Thursday, October 14, 2010

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Tuesday + Thursday’s Bike Rides (10/12 and 10/14/10)

Tonight I rise to new heights of narcissism and reveal my love for the self-portrait!  I do feel a little shy about posting such a boldly self-centered picture here, but as a reader, I always think it’s nice to know what an author looks like.  So hello!  And welcome!  Even though I appear to have no eyes, something that often happens to me in bright sunshine, I like how that picture turned out.  I look happy and healthy, even with my forehead veins ready to jump out and grab the camera.  Rawr! 

I was in a good mood on Tuesday as I pedaled away from campus and over to HEB.  It may be a sad commentary on the state of my everyday life, but going to a different grocery store got me all excited about the shopping possibilities.  HEB tends to have the best organic greens in town; I picked up some kale and red leaf lettuce.  The lettuce has been fantastic in my salads this week.  (The kale I haven’t tried yet.)  Along with my greens, I picked up a can of Bush’s chickpeas, which my Albertson’s has mysteriously stopped carrying.  Strange, no?  Perhaps I will combine the kale and chickpeas to make something delicious for Friday’s dinner.

The trip to HEB added a mile or two to my bike ride commute on Tuesday.  On Thursday, I didn’t make any special trips, so my biking commute was a simple to-work-and-back number.  Tonight, I’m unwinding with a glass of Pinot Grigio and a library book, Her Fearful Symmetry, written by one of my favorite authors, Audrey Niffenegger.  My apartment is quiet and the smell of an apple-scented candle is deliciously perfuming the air.  I might do some yoga later to stretch and relax a bit, but I’m feeling pretty happy right now.

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