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Wednesday’s Bike Ride (10/06/10)

I love exercise for many reasons.  It can serve as a medium for achievement and greatness.  It can be a social outlet or a stress-reliever.  It can be a way to turn down the noise inside your head for something altogether more peaceful.  And on the best days, it can be a way to slow down, a sort of moving meditation that both soothes and refreshes. 

Wednesday’s bike ride commute was my moving meditation.  The ride to campus was typical of a weekday morning at Texas A & M, with lots of foot traffic and pedestrians not paying much attention to anything around them.  I’m a little bit of a speed demon on the bike, so their la-la-la attitude toward the sidewalk traffic scares me.  I make myself slow down so that I don’t run someone over.  Sometimes, however, riding through the pedestrian traffic is kinda fun, like weaving my way through a puzzle.

The commute home offered a chance to linger in the warm fall evening.  Once I was off campus, I decided to take the long way home, slowly riding through a neighborhood not too far from where I live.  There’s a charm to those streets that I really like.  It’s not a wealthy neighborhood, and some of the properties look like they could use some love, but the people in this neighborhood are always very friendly to me and there isn’t a lot of car traffic, which is a blessed relief compared to much of College Station.  The cat in the second photo above lives in this neighborhood, and she posed for me, dramatically moving from one posture to another.  I love cats—they are always such show-offs.

As for that final photo, I maintain that brownies are good exercise fuel.  These particular brownies are delicious, a Vegetarian Times recipe that I tweaked.  I really like my version and plan to share it soon on my food blog.  For now, I’m hogging them all to myself.  Oink oink!

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