Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Best-Laid Plans…

…sometimes evaporate in a two-hour conversation with my parents!  I called my mother this evening to wish her a happy Mother’s Day, and I ended up on the phone with my dad for over an hour.  So instead of writing about Courteous Mass, I was talking about all manner of math and science.  I don’t talk to my dad too often, so I decided to indulge his enthusiasm.  But now…now I am tired and it’s getting late, so I’m not going to write about Courteous Mass tonight.  I will write later this week, but for now, I’m going to leave you with a few sexy leg shots from Friday.  For once, I’m posting pictures of people other than myself on Feels Like Flying!  Hopefully I don’t get in trouble for this.

(Hi, handsome.)

Ready to Ride

(Nice legs, lady!  I love that skirt.)

Skirt and Legs

Catch you later, gators!  Have a good week.

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