Friday, May 6, 2011

Does That Count?

Around the Bend

Falling into Decay

Monday’s Short Run (5/02/11)

Today is off to a rockin’ start.  So far I have escorted a gigantic roach and a horny cricket out of my apartment, broken one of my lab tools, and burned my finger trying to repair my lab tool.  On the plus side, I managed to eat lunch without spilling it on myself.  Does that count as an accomplishment?

Oh heavens, I need Friday.  Wait, no.  Friday’s to-do list is too long.  I need Saturday.  Where is Saturday?

This week has been so long and exhausting.  I have no good reason for it, other than that I think I’m fighting a cold or an infection.  Last night I was so tired that I felt compelled to take a two-hour nap after dinner.  Today I feel okay, other than my burnt finger and general feelings of inadequacy.  Also, I’m still feeling creeped out by the cricket in my dining room this morning.  I hate crickets—they’re so jumpy and loud.  The roaches that come inside tend to be kinda mellow, but the crickets are scary as fuck.  I think it’s a sign I’ve been living in Texas too long that I can describe to you the differences in behavior between disgusting insects that like to wander into apartments.

On the plus side, I’ve been easing back into my running, and it feels good.  The weather has been so pleasantly cool this week that I just want to enjoy as much time outside before the heat becomes unbearable again.  On Monday, I did another ten-minute run after work, despite the sprinkles of rain and ominous-looking clouds.  It’s so easy to do these short runs after all the hours I spent training for the half-marathon!  When the scheduled run is only ten minutes long, I really have no excuse for not running.  It’s nice to know that I can be finished with my work-out in twenty minutes (five minutes each for a walking warm-up and cool-down, ten minutes of running in between)—it makes me feel very efficient.  Which is the exact opposite of how I’m feeling in my life in general these days.

PS  The photos above are more shots from the “woods.”  I ran through the dog part as part of my work-out on Monday, so here you get to see a few glimpses of my running route.

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