Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Windy Weekend, with Woods and Walking

In the Woods

Storm Clouds Gather

Like a Pair of Rocks

A Windy Weekend: Saturday and Sunday Bike Commutes + Sunday’s Walk in the “Woods” (4/30-5/1/11)

Today is the first day in a long time that the wind has died down.  It feels so peaceful out there after days and days of knock-you-over winds blowing every which way.  Over the weekend, after biking all over town in that wind, my legs felt like rocks.  At one point, I was biking uphill and into the wind, and I just wanted to sob, “No fair!  No fair!  What did I do to deserve this?!”

Wow, I’m such a whiner.  I’m sorry about that.

In addition to the unbelievable winds, we’ve also had really hot weather.  Seriously hot.  In addition to making my legs feel like rocks, the heat has left me sweaty and parched.  But on Sunday evening, a cold front rolled into town and gave us a 40-degree drop in temperature.  We went from 90-something degrees to 50-something degrees in just a few hours…and it was awesome.  I was so relieved to feel cool air when I stepped outside to take an evening photo walk!  It was cool enough that I had to add another layer, my blue fleece jacket, so that I wouldn’t be too chilly on my walk.

All the photos above were taken in the “woods,” a little wooded area within the dog park in my neighborhood.  I love the woods and these days, I find myself pulled to them.  There’s something about the light and the tall trees that reminds me of Michigan.  Michigan will always feel like home to me, and the woods make me feel nostalgic for simpler times.  I love my life now, but I am easily overwhelmed by this whole grown-up thing that is my life now.  It’s wonderful to have a place that, at least for a few moments, lets me shed my grown-up self and makes me feel small and protected in that grove of tall trees.

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