Friday, May 13, 2011

A Few Thoughts on a Thursday Evening

Bike with Pink Flowers

Pink Flower

Green Plant Closeup

Life on Two Wheels: Weekend Bike Commutes and Wednesday’s Bike Commute (5/7-5/8 and 5/11/11)

Bad news, guys: one of my roommates died.  I came home today to find a dead lizard right outside my front door, and it made me sad.  It may have died during the storm today—we’ve gone so long without rain that maybe my little reptile friend didn’t know how to handle himself in a deluge.  At any rate, I’m going to miss scaring the crap out of that lizard every time I leave or return home.  The poor thing always ran for cover whenever I was near, even though I’m about as friendly a human as a lizard is going to find.  I’m a vegetarian who likes wildlife!  Besides, I don’t even like lizard meat.  It’s too gamey.

This week has blown past me.  It’s been a whirlwind of days spent in front of a microscope or a computer, which is to say that I’ve been productive at work and things are going well.  These days, I am a data-generating machine, which is very good indeed if your goal is to crank out a paper and/or a grant efficiently.  In between data-collecting sessions, I’ve been doing the usual: yoga, bike, eat, sleep.  Sometimes I find the repetition in my life sweet and comforting, and other times it makes me crazy with boredom.  Right now, I think I’m somewhere in between.  I am craving some novelty, and lucky for me, I’ve discovered a new, scenic bike route very close to my home.  I’d always been afraid to ride my bike on those streets because there is no sidewalk, but it’s the route we took to get home from Courteous Mass.  It turns out that these roads are pretty quiet and the path is beautiful: some of the most elegant homes in town are in this neighborhood.  It’s green and lush and peaceful on those streets, and riding through it feels like my world has cracked open a few inches.

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