Friday, May 20, 2011

Despite the Silence

Bike with Much-Loved Tree

Bike with Shadow

Cycling in New Wedges

Lately: Frequent Bike Commuting and Thursday’s Short Run (5/14–5/19/11)

Happy Friday, lovely readers!  I know it’s been quiet around here lately.  It’s because I’m writing quite frequently for my food blog from now through June 11 for Veg Bootcamp.  I’m still cycling around town as usual, and I’m trying to finish my 40 Days of Yoga, but I hope you’ll pardon me if my posts here on Feels Like Flying are a little less frequent than usual.

This week feels like it was long and busy, so I am grateful to be writing to you from Friday night, with a weekend ahead of me during which I plan to catch my breath and try to slow down.  I’ll be biking into work as usual, but still, I have this hope for a weekend that feels lazy and luxurious nonetheless.  Last weekend, I biked to work on Saturday and Sunday, then took a bike break on Monday.  I biked again on Tuesday or Wednesday—I actually can’t remember which day it was!  I must be getting old.  And on Thursday, I desperately needed a run, so I seized the moment and went for a short 10-minute run on a different out-and-back running route.  It was…interesting.  There were no sidewalks, and I’m afraid there were just too many cars for my taste.  My favorite running loop remains unchallenged in its superiority.  I like it because it’s perfect for 30-minute runs, and it’s a quite and peaceful neighborhood.

I biked to work again today, and it was ridiculously humid.  I was dripping with sweat when I got to work—same thing when I rode home.  On the return trip, however, fat splashes of rain started falling from the sky.  Just a few, enough to leave their wet fingerprints on my dress.  We desperately need more rain, and yet it feels like the sky is holding onto the moisture, like some greedy sponge.  For now, I see occasional threads of lightning lacing the night sky, but the ground remains dry.  I am waiting for rain. 

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