Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And Yet…

Trellis Again


Week of August 21, 2011:

Bike: Saturday

Run: Friday (outside, even!)

…despite my rant the other day, exercise really does make you feel great.

But here’s the thing: exercise can do that, regardless of weight loss.  Weight loss, to my mind, is a slow and steady process.  It happens over the course of weeks or months.  But exercise can be almost instant gratification: put on some sneakers, run for 20 minutes, and you can feel great afterward.  Even if you run really, really slowly.  Even if you have to walk during your “run.”  Even if you have to stop to catch your breath.  Whatever—it doesn’t matter.  What matters is moving your body, taking deep breaths, and staying positive.

Ironically, when I spied those offending women’s magazines, I was doing a run/errand run.  I “warmed up” by walking over to the store and picking up a few things.  Then I started my little 10-minute run by running back to my apartment, dropping off my things, and then finishing my run.  And even though it was hot and humid and I am SO READY FOR AUGUST TO END, it was still a good run.  I felt better afterward, even though I felt kinda fat after seeing gorgeous women in bikinis on those magazine covers.

So in lieu of “Lose Weight, Feel Great!” I’d recommend “Go for a Run, Feel Great!”  There, I feel much better now!

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