Thursday, August 4, 2011

Garden Variety

Bike Outside of Garden

Feet and Wooden Bench

Feet at Water's Edge

Week of July 24, 2011:

Bike: Saturday

Week of July 31, 2011:

Bike: Tuesday

Run: Monday and Wednesday

It’s been a steamy week here in Texas, but I have no complaints about it!  My bike commutes are sweaty as usual, but the morning ride makes me feel so calm and peaceful that mopping myself off after I get to work is a price I’m willing to pay for exercise-induced happiness.

On Tuesday evening, I took a little photo walk around the holistic gardens before hopping on my bike for the ride home.  I’m so in love with that space and all those plants!  There is so much beauty, so much color, so much life in those gardens that I feel a little awestruck by them.  I’m looking forward to watching the gardens transition from summer to autumn.

Last night, I took my run outside, despite the heat and the steam, because I wanted to pick up some coffee beans from Starbucks.  I’m not a big fan of Starbucks, but my favorite coffee shop in close proximity closed a few months ago, and Starbucks is the next closest option.  I love coffee and now I drink it every morning.  I love the taste and the ritual, the way coffee signifies a new day and a fresh start and the way it eases me into my day, even and especially my busy work days.  Normally I brew hot coffee each morning, but I’ve had a craving for cold-brewed coffee lately, and I wanted to buy some coarsely ground beans for that purpose.  Luckily, happily, Starbucks is selling a new coffee blend that they use to make their iced coffees.  It makes a dreamy cold-brewed coffee and a great start to another humid August morning.

Are you a coffee person?  Tea?  Fresh vegetable juice?  How do you make your mornings special?

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