Monday, August 22, 2011


[Insert clever graphic art here]

I tried to do some fancy graphic design here to show you the schedule of long-distance races in Texas in 2012, but…let’s just say I’d rather have you click over here than look at my work.

Speaking of work, things and people have been crazy around my workplace, and I suppose I must now include myself in the “Crazy” category.  Or maybe I’m just feeling all jazzed about running again after reading so many lovely posts from all of you, my dear blog friends.  Your enthusiasm is contagious!  I love it.  You are all so much deeper into your running programs than I am, with my little twice-a-week treadmill runs, and while I may feel a tiny bit sheepish about it, I am more inspired by your examples than anything.  This is why we write blog posts about running: to inspire and be inspired.

Here’s the Crazy thing: I’m thinking about running not one but two half-marathons in less than two months next year.  I anticipate that in March, College Station will host its annual Armadillo Dash as usual, which I’d like to run.  Raquelita’s post today got me thinking about an out-of-town race, something I could use as an excuse to get out of here for a weekend.  Austin has a half-marathon in February and another one in March, and I think it would be so much fun to run in Austin, which is a great city in which I have not spent nearly enough time.

Is it nuts of me to think I could run (almost) back-to-back half-marathons?  I’ve never challenged myself like that with two long-distance races so close together.  I’ve never even run two long-distance races in one year, let alone two in two months.  I’d have to do some research to come up with a training plan to balance recovery from the first race against keeping up my strength and endurance for the second race.

I’m excited and nervous and a little overwhelmed at the idea.  Maybe it’s what I need, running-wise: a new challenge.  Or maybe I’ll come to my senses tomorrow…


  1. I think you could definitely do two half-marathons, so long as they are a couple of weeks apart so you get some rest in between the two. I think this is especially doable if you only set a time goal for your A race and just enjoy the B race with the only goal to cross the finish line.

    I so want to start thinking about spring races, but, between the upper midwestern winter and academic job market hopes, I think it's too early for me to make any plans.

  2. I like your suggestion! I would love to run a sub-1:55 half-marathon; it's just a smidge faster than my last race, but I think it's fun to train for a specific time. Otherwise, I get lazy! But a fun, enjoy-the-race half-marathon in Austin would be a really memorable race.

    I sympathize with you about jobs and scheduling! I actually don't know that I'll be in Texas in the spring of 2012, so I won't register for any races until I have that information. Though honestly, I'd be okay traveling to Texas for an Austin race, because Austin is a terrific city and I want to spend more time in it, having fun.

  3. Austin is a terrific city! I would like to spend more time there having fun, as well.