Thursday, June 21, 2012

And We’re Off!

A Beautiful Morning to Fly

Week of June 17, 2012:

Monday: Short, easy run (20 minutes of trotting around the neighborhood)

Tuesday: Bike commute to work + grocery shopping (stocking up for my return!)

Wednesday: 40 minutes total, with 3 rounds of 1 minute medium-hard speed, 1 minute hard-hard speed, and 1 minute easy recovery

It’s early Thursday morning, and I’m ready to hit the road, then the sky.  I’m flying to Michigan today to see my family and to run the 10K on Saturday with JD.  I am excited.

I have had a good but short week of work, running, and the usual chores and errands.  I always feel bittersweet about leaving home and all of its comforts.  This morning, as I wheeled my bike inside to store it while I’m gone, I felt a twinge of sadness, knowing how much I would miss riding while I’m away.  I almost—almost!—took it out for one last ride this morning, but then I thought not, just in case my transportation this morning arrives early.

You know you are a homebody when you feel sad about leaving home before you’ve even left.  Sigh.  That’s just the way it goes with me.  I’ll be happy to arrive at my destinations, and I know I will enjoy myself, but I just love my home and my routines so much.  The travel from Texas to Michigan is always daunting—about 12 hours from door to door—so I just try to stay focused on the prize.

See you soon, Michigan.


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed! What a great day for a race we had.

  2. Enjoy the time with family and the 10K! I look forward to your race report!

    1. Thanks! My race report will probably be a bit delayed, but overall I enjoyed the race. And I'd love to train specifically for another 10K and race it.