Friday, June 8, 2012

Run While the Evening is Cool

Thursday Morning Sky

Railroad Tracks with Sunflowers

Week of June 3, 2012:

Sunday: Bike commute + short run

Monday: DIY yoga

Tuesday: Bike commute

Wednesday: Bike commute + grocery shopping

Thursday: LONG RUN!  Booyah.

Yesterday we had a blissfully cool day, which was perfect because I had been worrying about when I was going to squeeze a long run into this week.  I didn’t do a long run on Sunday because I biked to campus and I didn’t think my legs were up for five miles of running on top of the biking.  Plus it was beastly hot on Sunday, which always makes running so much harder, no matter what the distance.

Last night, the evening was mild and perfect for hitting the pavement.  I ran out to my favorite park, did a few laps. and ran home for a total of 50 minutes.  The last 10-20 minutes were tough, presumably because that’s about the limit of my “comfortable” endurance these days, but I still felt pretty good for a long run.  Slow, but good.

Oh, and did you see up there that I actually did yoga this week?  YOGA!  It had been so long since I unfurled my mat, and it felt so good to work out some of the kinks in my legs and back.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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