Sunday, March 24, 2013

Even Though You Didn’t Ask

I think that I’m procrasti-blogging right now: I have a long run to do this morning (along with my seemingly required stop by the lab to take care of business).  More important than that, though, is the decision about WHAT TO WEAR to next weekend’s wedding.  To help me in my decision-making process, I took some photos of the options.  Dear readers, you are invited to weigh in on the decision.  I like style advice.  And I like you!

The choices fall into a two-by-three rubric: I have two dresses I’m considering and three pairs of shoes.  Most of the rubricked options could work, though I don’t think I’d consider pairing the navy wrap dress with my black platform sandals.  First up, have a look at the shoes.

Three Shoe Choices

Of these three options, the black-and-tan ones on the right are the most comfortable and casual.  The silver heels are the most dressy and least comfortable.  If I wore the silver heels, I think I would bring a back-up pair of something more comfortable, just in case.  (I know lots of women end up barefoot at weddings, but I don’t really like being barefoot outside my home unless I’m at a beach.  I’m totally skeeved out by the idea of walking around barefoot in most places.)

I will now show you several of the dress+shoe combos.  Option #1: wrap dress + silver heels.

Wrap Dress Silver Sandals

This dress is a new one from (where else?) Target.  I believe it’s kneelength or thereabouts on me.  I love the colors and floral pattern, and I’m looking forward to wearing it this spring.  Here in Texas we’ve had a pretty cool March; for the most part, I’ve been wearing heavier clothing because it just doesn’t feel like “spring dress” weather to me.  Plus I know that in August, I will be longing to wear my cold-weather clothing, so I figure I might as well enjoy the lack of heat while I can!

Next up is the second dress with two of the shoe options.  I found this dress for six bucks at Plato’s Closet!  I could not believe my luck—it still had the Old Navy tags on it, and it fits well.  It’s a teensy bit longer than kneelength on me.  Like the wrap dress above, I love the bright colors here. 

Grey Dress Silver Shoes

Grey Dress Black Shoes

Now you have an idea of what I’m considering.  After looking at the photos, I’m less inclined to run out and buy new shoes this week, though I would like to buy some eventually to go with the wrap dress.  Which outfit do you like best?  FYI: I have plenty of options for covering my arms if it gets chilly during the festivities, like my big silver scarf, a few sweaters, and my fun pink blazer.

I thank you in advance for indulging my narcissism!  And with that, I’m off to get ready for my long run in (can you believe it?) 47-degree weather.  Texas, what is going on with you?!?


  1. I vote for dress number one! Mostly because I almost bought the exact same one at Target, but my budget won out. I can attest that it is a very flattering dress and looks even cuter in person. Also, it seems just a touch fancier than the second option.

    As for shoes, you are asking the wrong girl. I am a terrible in that department, and if I could get away with wearing slippers every day of my life, I would. :)

    1. Aw, thanks for your vote, my dear! I'm leaning toward dress number one too--wrap dresses are wonderful, aren't they? And you're right: the wrap dress is fancier than the Old Navy sundress.

      Hee hee--your line about slippers made me laugh! I love that. My main concern is how long I'll last in the silver heels, which is why I think a backup option will make me feel better. Are slippers an appropriate backup option? :-)

    2. PS Great minds think alike in the Target dress section! I'm working on a post about that topic. At the rate I'm going, it will be done by 2015. Maybe.

  2. I also vote for dress number 1. I can't tell the material of dress #2 but it seems quite casual for a wedding - unless it's in a backyard or on a beach - from just the photo. I'd like to see dress 1 with the strappy black wedges.

    1. You're right: dress #1 is a silky material in what I think is a more mature style. Dress #2 is probably cotton or a cotton blend. I always struggle with what to wear to weddings because I don't really gravitate toward dressier items which are, arguably, more wedding appropriate. Making the move from dressy-casual to dressy-dressy is hard for me! :-)

      I'll post a photo of #1 with the wedges tonight if I can remember. I'm not so sure about mixing the black wedges with a navy dress, but I'll give it a shot. Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Wrap dress. Looks great with the silver shoes, but I'd be inclined to go with the comfy black-and-tan shoes, though I am speaking as someone with chronically sore feet! Seriously, if it's a church wedding followed by a sit down meal, how often are people going to see your feet?

    1. Woo, three for three on the wrap dress! Laurie, that's a good point about foot comfort. But sitting works well for the silver heels...and I can always slip them off under the table ;-)

      Here's the wrap dress with the black-and-tan shoes. If I don't wear this to the wedding, I'll definitely wear it to work or other events this spring and summer.