Saturday, March 23, 2013

Less Running, More Wedding

Sundress Sunday

Darwin and Curie I Think

and they lived

Week of March 17, 2013:

Sunday: Bike ride commute to campus, bike ride to Erin and Cy’s wedding shower

Monday: Evening run (27:45.  Why not 28 minutes?  I don’t know—laziness, I suppose.)

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: Evening run (29 minutes)

Thursday: Bike ride commute to campus and wine night

Friday: Off

Saturday: Morning walk for haircut + ATM, afternoon bike ride to campus and over to Target + HEB

Minutes run this week: 56:45.

As you can see from my low running minutes for this week, I’m not quite back into my sneaker groove, but I think it’s okay.  Mentally, I had (sorta kinda) planned to take it easy, running-wise, in March after the half-marathon, and in April, I’d start getting serious about having a nice strong base for marathon training.  But!  Please note the continued strong effort in the biking department, as I bike here, there, and everywhere.  Last Sunday, “everywhere” included a wedding shower for my friend Erin and her fiancé, Cy; all the photos above are from the shower.  Also in attendance were a gaggle of adorable little girls (all of whom were Erin’s future nieces, I believe), so the event had a wonderful family-fun vibe to it.  Also awesome was Erin’s reaction to her new KitchenAid mixer—I feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about all the delicious things that will be made with the new mixer.  If Erin is even half as excited about being a wife as she is about owning a KitchenAid, I think it will be a very long and happy marriage indeed.  (For the record, I think she’s pretty damn excited.  I’m excited about the big party following the wedding, where the food and drink are sure to be delicious and the company excellent.  We’ve got two friends coming in from out of town for the wedding next week, and I can’t wait to see them again.)

And now, since apparently all I want to talk about is wedding-related stuff, here is my question for you, dear readers.  For my wedding outfit, should I buy a new pair of shoes to go with a new dress?  Or should I be fiscally responsible and wear a wedding-appropriate ensemble that I already own?  If you request it, I will post photos of the two options tomorrow.  Today at Target, I took a gander at the shoe section and was underwhelmed by the options.  But I always get lucky, shoe-wise, at Shoe Carnival, so I am thinking about checking them out for some cute wedding/springtime shoes.  Gah, so many decisions to make!

One last thing: lest you think I’ve given up on running, tomorrow I resume my tradition of Sunday long runs.  Yee-haw!  Of course, that run will happen after I go to campus to take care of my flies…a postdoc’s work is never, ever done.  Sigh.

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