Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Postcard

Three Adorable Dogs

I’m a day late, but fear not, dear readers: all is fine here at Feels Like Flying headquarters.  My weekend was absolutely wonderful and packed with good weekend things: a long walk in the woods, a homemade picnic, fruity rum cocktails, a wedding shower for a dear friend, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies (with some last-minute improvisation by me!), and as you can see above, a pack of adorable dogs.  They were guests at the wedding shower, of course, and did an awfully good job cleaning up any bites of food that slipped from our plates to the ground.  So reliable they are!

Life is so, so busy these days, but it’s so good too.  Things continue to plod along in the lab—I really should be writing up my paper, but I don’t feel quite ready, data-wise, to start that process.  I am making minimal progress toward planning my future beyond this postdoc appointment—I really should be applying for jobs and whatnot, but it’s hard when I’m juggling so many things, including my current job and its demands.  Whether it’s rational or not, I have faith that things will work out.  When one door closes, someone breaks a window, right?

Happy Monday.  I’ll be back soon with a fitness update in which you’ll be able to see just how little I ran last week.  Whoops!

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