Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Best Thing to do with Two Legs

Friday’s Long Walk (8/13/10)

Here’s a secret: I think I like walking more than running.  I know they seem like very similar activities, but they feel very different to me.  Running feels like hard work.  I have to push myself to run, especially these days when I’m trying to get back into good running shape.  I like the challenge; I embrace the challenge.  Then I write about the challenge on this blog.  But walking is different.  Walking is my therapy and my sanity.  I haven’t been walking much, at least not like I used to, and I’ve missed it.  I feel the effects of not walking as much—my stress level is a little higher than I’d like, my mood a little lower.

Last night, I had planned to go for a bike ride.  Then the sun disappeared, and I got nervous about riding around in the dark.  Instead, I decided to take a long walk, following a big loop that took me about an hour to complete.  I actually had no idea how long it would take to walk that loop, so it was a learning experience!  Oh man, I really needed that walk.  Underneath the big Texas sky, stars winked at me and a breeze ruffled my hair.  It was still hot outside, even with no sun, but that fresh air was refreshing.  And the moon!  When I started my walk, the moon was a slim white crescent, following me down the street.  When I returned, it had transformed into a fat yellow moon, still a crescent, but so much bigger!  It hung low on the horizon, hiding behind buildings and trees.  As I stood outside my apartment, I couldn’t even see it.  I went to bed, wondering where it had gone.

The best part of my long walk was that it tired me out enough so that I went to bed a few minutes before bedtime (a rarity for me!) and when I woke up, I felt more rested than I have in days.  That was a pleasant surprise.  I’ll have to go walking again next week.

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