Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Worth a Try

Monday’s Yoga (8/16/10)

I am really stressed about my job right now.  At a time like this, yoga is more important than ever, so I’m doing it like my life depends on it.  During yoga, one is supposed to focus on the breath and the movements.  Yoga is a way of letting the brain rest while the body relaxes itself.  Unfortunately, my brain has other ideas about what to do during yoga.  For example, why stop worrying just because you’re doing yoga?  You can worry and stretch!  And don’t pay any attention to that breathing thing—that’s just a scam that should be ignored so you don’t forget what you are worrying about.

On Monday night, I clicked over to my favorite Dave Farmar work-out and attempted to downward-dog my way to calmness.  But I just couldn’t get into the feeling of yoga!  I had the attention span of a moth, and my breathing kept speeding up, so I never really found the calm yoga groove I was seeking.  It was frustrating, but I figure that crappy yoga is better than no yoga.  It was worth a try.


  1. Have you considered trying a new class? Something where your brain would be forced to focus due to lack of familiarity? It's worth a try, though it's never worked for me! Too bad we can't harness the energy of the monkey mind. We'd be able to power the world.

  2. Yes, Laurie, that is a great idea! Often that works for me when I need to be distracted from daily stress. Right now, I might be on psychofizz overload, unable to handle simple instructions ;-) Much depends on the instructor, I think.

  3. And damn that monkey mind! I think it's my default state.

  4. Mine too. I used to teach a deaf boy, and his sign-name for me was a variation of the sign for worry. The kid couldn't hear me blather on, but he knew anyway.

    I've been enjoying the YogaDownload Goddess class. It's different, but not too different.

  5. I can't remember if I tried the Goddess class...I'll have to check it out.

    And I don't know whether to laugh or say I'm sorry about your worrying! It's a terrible habit :-( But your teaching story made ME laugh.