Monday, August 9, 2010

I Do Love This Sport

Sunday’s Run (8/08/10)

Saturday night, I had the brilliant idea that I would get up early on Sunday morning, eat a quick snack, and then head outside for a 30-minute run.  To which I can only say now, Yeah, right!

What a kidder I am.  I am NOT a morning runner.  Even when I was required to attend morning cross-country practices in college, it was with great difficulty that I made it to a 6:30 AM practice.  I’m slow and stiff in the morning.  It is not a good time for me to run.

I don’t mean to disparage other people’s morning work-outs.  In fact, I remain rather jealous that I can’t embrace the practice of pre-work or pre-dawn running.  I can get up in time for a half-marathon, but that’s about it for me now that I run on my own.  Sunday mornings are made for sleeping late and loafing in pajamas.

I may have slept until 8:30 AM, but I wasn’t a complete slug on Sunday.  About 11 AM, I hopped on the treadmill, turned on Food Network, and trotted for 30 minutes at a 9:31 pace.  My goal was to do 30 minutes with no breaks, but I was forced to take a bathroom break (hey, it happens).  Otherwise, I think I did pretty well.  The longest I had run in recent months was, I believe, 20 minutes.  On Sunday, I was definitely feeling the burn of adding another 10 minutes to my long run.  This experience is very common for me during half-marathon training, so I have come to expect it.  I try to stay focused and run strong: rhythmic strides and even breathing, occasionally shaking out my arms and shoulders if I can feel them getting tense.  I think focus is the key to getting the most out of long runs.

Speaking of focus, I was absolutely elated to find this picture on Flickr.  It’s one of my favorite food bloggers, Shauna, of Gluten-Free Girl, finishing her first 5K.  I was so proud of her, and it made me love running even more.  I love a sport that welcomes participants of all shapes and sizes, hares and turtles alike.  I get a little teary-eyed when I think about how running has empowered so many who were scared but brave enough to take the first step.  Bravo, Shauna!  Keep running!

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