Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Date with Dave

Thursday’s Yoga (8/05/10)

Inspired by yesterday’s freedom-granting exercise in which I postponed dinner in favor of getting my work-out done, I decided a repeat (of sorts) was in order tonight.  Because I don’t run on consecutive days, I needed to do something different tonight.  I missed doing yoga with Dave the other night when’s website wasn’t working, so I made a date with Dave and took deep breaths while downward-dogging.

But!  I came home from work starving; a snack was necessary.  I made the fastest, healthiest fake cheesecakes one could imagine: Carr’s Whole Wheat Crackers (a crumbly and slightly sweet cracker) topped with ricotta cheese and my new favorite strawberry jam.  My little cheesecakes were delightful.

Like Instant Cheesecake

My work-out was delightful too.  Dave Farmar’s 20-minute class never fails to put me in a good mood.  The part where he says, “Go ahead, drop your childhood too” gets me every time.  It’s good to walk through this life with a sense of humor.

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