Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Short and Speedy

Wednesday’s Run (8/11/10)

Tonight I resisted the siren’s song of dinner right after work.  Instead, I went to the gym and did a short but intense running work-out on the treadmill.  I was feeling frisky for something a little challenging; speedwork sounded perfect to me.  I did an interval work-out that went like this:

* 5 min. walking warm-up

* 5 min. running, 9:05 pace

* 1 min. running, 7:03 pace (begin the speedwork!)

* 2 min. running, recover at 9:05 pace (whew!)

* 2 min. running, 7:03 pace (oh goodness, don’t die!  Focus, lady, focus!)

* 2 min. running, recover at 9:05 pace (oh thank you, I can breathe again)

* 1 min. running, 7:03 pace (Last one!  You can do it!)

* 5 min. running, 9:05 pace (wow, I’m tired.  Pant pant pant)

* 1 min. slow jog to cool down (13:something pace—very slow)

* 5 min. walk to cool down (ooooohhhhh….)

The total time on my watch at the end was 27:something and I got a great mid-week work-out done.  I find these work-outs are the hardest to do because they are squeezed between so many other things—work, dinner, chores at home.  Not to mention my obligatory tv-watching.

Tonight it looked like we might get rain, but all we got was a spittle.  We need rain.  It is so unbelievably hot down here.  But at least the sunset was pretty.

A Subtle August Sunset

Click on the photo above to see a larger version in Flickr!  I think it looks better that way.

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