Thursday, August 26, 2010

These August Nights

Wednesday’s Long Walk (8/25/10)

On Wednesday night, I had three goals.  The first, and most important, was to roast a batch of these fantastic Oil-and-Vinegar Oven Fries, which are addictively good.  If you want to stop reading now so you can click on over to the recipe, please do.  I won’t try to stop you.  The second goal was to be in bed by 10:30 PM, as I have been staying up too late, getting up too early, and not getting enough sleep.  I love my sleep.  The third goal, which turned out to be every bit as nice as the oven fries, was to go for a long walk at dusk.

It may be a bit of an illusion, but I swear I can feel just a hint of summer fading here in the Lone Star State.  It is still very, very hot, but either I’ve gotten used to it or the heat is just a little less intense than it was earlier this month.  I like to interpret this as a sign that fall is on its way.  Fall used to be my favorite season, or at least it was when I lived in the Midwest, and I still feel excited about its arrival, even though fall in Texas is not nearly as magical as it is elsewhere in the country, where the leaves are set afire with color and the mornings and evenings are tinged with cool breezes.  But at least we’ve still got apples, even if they aren’t local!

At any rate, last night was cool enough outside that a long walk sounded delicious.  I still feel like I let too much time go by between long walks, what with all the bike-riding and yoga and treadmill runs that fill my days.  I set out on my walk around dusk, and the sky was filled with clouds.  It felt a little like home, home as in Chicago, land of clouds and grey.  It’s funny how the endlessly cloudy days of Chicago used to feel so depressing to me; now, in Texas, land of sunshine and heat, it’s the cool grey days that make me smile.

I walked an out-and-back path, a shorter version of my hour-long loop.  I didn’t feel the need for an hour of walking, so I spent forty minutes strolling underneath that dusky evening sky.  Toward the end, I busted out my power-walking moves, suddenly feeling itchy to add some speed to my otherwise leisurely stroll.  I got home early enough to watch an episode of The L Word, clean up the kitchen a bit, pack my lunch, and climb into bed with just enough time to peruse an old issue of EatingWell before turning out the lights—at 10:45 PM!  Is there anything better than going to bed early?  I think not.  Also, I think I may be twenty-eight years old going on seventy-five.  Early bedtimes, power walking…at least I’ve still got my red hair.  That ought to keep up my youthful illusion for a little while longer!

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