Thursday, December 9, 2010

At Least the Lights Come Out at Night

Season of Lights

Monday’s Bike Ride Commute (12/06/10)

With a December vacation practically breathing down my neck, I’m trying to squeeze in as many experiments as I can before I leave town.  I do this every year: freak out a bit about being gone from the lab for a week to spend Christmas with my family, and things always work out.  Still, there’s a frenzy of activity before I leave, and I can’t say I regret it.

That’s why I scheduled an experiment for Monday that started at about 10 AM and didn’t finish until 9 PM that night.  I wanted to get it done, so this week I did it.  It didn’t turn out the way I had hoped—science, you break my heart again!—but at least I got it done.  I didn’t want to be left in the clutches of the bus schedule, so I rode my bike to and from work that day.  To keep my energy up, I took a dinner break at The Pita Pit, one of my favorite fast food places near campus.  On my way over to dinner, I admired the light tree you see above.  I’m mighty pleased that my camera was able to capture a good picture of the tree!  And I love that you can see the church in the background.

On the subject of dinner, I tried something new at Pita Pit, the Morning Glory pita, which is packed with good things of the morning type: scrambled eggs, hash brown potatoes, cheese, and some vegetables.  I got mine with a squirt of mustard (yum!) and some pepper jack cheese, and it was wonderful—almost good enough to take the exhausted edge off of an 11-hour day on campus.


  1. It's nice to read that you tried something new at your pita and the Morning Glory is usually slept on(pun intended). Pepper jack is something unique to your pita pit which is awesome, maybe we should look into that all the way over here in sunny Florida.

  2. Hi, Tampa Pita Pit! I love pepper jack cheese, though I must confess that with as much stuff as the Morning Glory has in it, I'm not sure I could taste the pepper jack as itself. But I think the real charm of Pita Pit is having so many options, so I say hop to it and get yourselves some pepper jack!