Monday, December 6, 2010

Double Up

Sunshine and Branches

Leaves and Shadows

Caught in Motion

Saturday’s Bumming Around + Sunday’s Bike Ride Commute and Run (12/04-12/05/10)

It was a strange weekend here.  I’m afraid it wasn’t the best Saturday I’ve ever had, despite the deliciously warm temperatures and sunshine.  My Saturday night stew was a disaster, and I forgot to buy the veggie sausage the first time I went to Albertson’s for groceries, so I had to go back.  I felt spacey and out of it all day, and I had a weird headache that persisted until I finally gave up and went to bed.

All was not lost, however, despite my lousy Saturday.  I did get the grocery shopping done, a load of laundry washed, and much to my pleasure, I finally got around to re-doing my artsy bulletin board in my writing studio.  I covered it with new wrapping paper, hung up my little inspirational index cards, and tacked the announcement from my thesis seminar up there.  The wrapping paper is gorgeous, brown with these big flowers in blue, white, and green.  Every time I see my bulletin board, I feel all inspired and accomplished, which is exactly how one should feel when she enters her writing studio, I think.

Sunday was a much, much better day.  I rode my bike to the lab in the morning to work on a few experiments, then I rode back home after lunch.  I made granola bars, which were dangerously delicious, and ate one with a big mug of tea in my Santa mug.  Feeling fully loaded with sugar and carbs, I headed outside for a brief, brisk 20-minute run.  Saturday’s heat gave way to chilly temps on Sunday, so it was no faux-summer, running-in-shorts day.  I bundled up, because I hate being cold, and ran a shortened version of my favorite loop.  My legs felt a big heavy that day, like they were dragging some fatigue around with them.  It wasn’t a bad run; I just didn’t feel very light on my feet.  I’ll take it as a sign that my muscles are getting stronger.

(I could go for another one of those granola bars right now, especially looking at this picture, which is reminding me that those bars are only one room away from me…)

A Weekend Highlight

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