Friday, December 17, 2010

The Good News

Branches and Sunshine

Bike Leg

Tuesday’s Bike Ride + Wednesday’s Run (12/14-12/15/10)

It’s been an incredibly busy week around the Feels Like Flying headquarters.  Unfortunately, writing blog posts has fallen to the side of the road while I bake and then exercise in an attempt to avoid any resemblance to a snowman this season.

I apologize for my silence!  The good news is that I haven’t fallen too far off track with my training plans.  Tuesday was a blessedly normal day during which I rode my bike to and from work (and baked thumbprints at night!  I love these cookies.).  On Wednesday, I was determined to do a short run, so after a quick walk to the store for some baking supplies (flour! milk!), I ran for 20 minutes in the darkness, sticking with busier roads for safety.  But at 20 minutes, my body was just getting warmed up for a longer run!  I could have run for 40 minutes that night, easily, but I had a cake to bake, so 20 minutes would have to suffice.  I’m hoping to do a long run tonight, as I’d like to get my two 60-minute long runs done before leaving town.  I think the next long run will feel great—just me, my sneakers, and the starry Texas sky above us.  Then I can eat some cake!

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