Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Strangest Thing

College Station at Night

After the Run

Thursday’s Walk + Friday’s Run (12/02-12/03/10)

I’m not necessarily inclined to say that running errands, like I did on Thursday, is a “work-out.”  It’s more like active rest between harder work-outs, like bike rides or runs.  Thursday’s walk was an attempt to get some fresh air while buying new coffee (Winter Blend!) and groceries, which I needed, especially the coffee.  I took the long way around the block, enjoying the warm evening.  On Friday, I was surprised to find that my calves were sore!  I could feel them all day, which was just the strangest thing because normally walking does not have that effect on my calves.  Sometimes I’ll feel the after-effects of a walk on my hips or my back but almost never in my lower legs.  I’m stumped

Sore calves or no, I needed to do a longer run on Friday.  I played this one by ear a bit; I promised myself I’d run for at least 30 minutes and then see how things felt.  At the 18-minute mark, I decided that things were going well and I would go for 40 minutes.  It worked out well; I felt pretty strong for the duration of the run.  40 minutes is still a long ways from 60 minutes, which is what I need to hit this month, but I’m planning to do my first 60-minute run of the season next week.

For those of you who may be wondering, yes, I wore shorts during my outside run on Friday!  But that’s a Texas winter for you.

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