Monday, December 13, 2010

Saturday: On a Bike, on a Mat

Bike with Flowers


Yoga Time

Saturday’s Bike Ride Commute and Yoga (12/11/10)

My Saturday was fairly typical and much better than the last one.  I rode my bike to the lab to take care of some experimental business, then I rode over to Brazos Natural Foods to pick up the normal grub and ingredients for a birthday cake!  I’m baking a vanilla-lemon cake for my friend Amutha’s birthday, and I’ll be covering it with cream cheese frosting, which is one of my favorite flavors.  I don’t make frosted cakes too often, so I’m pretty excited for the chance.

It was a gorgeous, chilly day on Saturday, so I was bundled up against the wind and cold.  There was lots of sunshine, though—we almost always have sun in Texas, which is one of the things that I love about living down here.  I actually struggle with it sometimes because on days like Saturday, I feel like I should be outside, soaking up all that light.  But sometimes I just want to read blogs and play on my computer, so I feel guilty.  I had a pretty long week, including a day in which I spent five hours in meetings and seminars, so I should feel free to be lazy when Saturday rolls around.  But the nice weather makes me feel guilty…until I realize that this is Texas, and we have nice weather more often than not.

My legs were feeling pretty tight from all the running and biking I’ve been doing.  What I have not been doing very much is yoga, so I took the opportunity to fire up Gentle Hatha Yoga #2 on Saturday night.  Oh yes—this party girl was downward-dogging and breathing deeply while the rest of my town was out boozing it up in between taking final exams.  I make no excuses for the fact that most evenings, I’d rather be at home than out and about.  Home is comfort and good food and yoga sessions.  Home is sleeping for nine hours after some nice yoga, then waking up and eating my usual bowl of oatmeal and mug of tea.  My out-and-about is riding my bike around town during the day; my festive evening is homemade Indian food and Grey’s Anatomy.  Saturday was a good day.

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