Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Forgotten, Then Remembered!


Footware in Pink

Terrible but Warm Combination

Monday’s Quick Strength Work-out and Tuesday’s Run (11/29-11/30/10)

I tend to go through phases with different types of exercise.  One example of this is circuit training.  I like circuit work-outs a lot, mostly because I have a short attention span and circuit training prevents me from getting bored.  As soon as I’m bored, it’s time to move to the next exercise!  It’s perfect.  Except that I can grow tired of the doing the circuit work-outs, in which case it’s time to move on to another exercise obsession, like Pilates.

On Monday night, I was in the mood for a quick work-out before bed, and I was inspired to dust off an old Self magazine work-out that describes an at-home circuit work-out.  It had been so long since I had done this work-out that I had forgotten how much I enjoy it (and how hard it is!), but I remembered it on Monday.  The gist of it is that you alternate cardio (I walk or jog in place) with different strength exercises, such as push-ups or crunches.  For example: walk for 1 minute, do push-ups for one minute.  Walk for one minute, do crunches for one minute.  This work-out feels like a really effective way to do a quick, fun strength work-out while keeping your energy and motivation high.  I put on a bouncy techno CD and did my thing for 13 minutes, and that was that.

By Tuesday, the temperature had plunged and I had to dig out all my cold-weather gear to go for an evening run.  S. just did a great post on winter running, and I’m so glad she did because I felt motivated to embrace the chilly temps and enjoy my run.  We have no snow here (yet), but we do have some cold days and nights, so my collection of running tights and long-sleeved shirts will get used this winter.  As far as work-outs go, I still feel a little like I’m recovering from my illness last week, so I’ve been taking it easy.  Tuesday night was an easy, 20-minute jaunt around the block a few times.  It totally hit the spot—I came home with that wonderful glowy post-run feeling, which is really the very best part of running.  That, and an excuse to wear running tights.

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