Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Am Unstoppable


More Stretching

No More Stretching

Friday’s Long Run (12/17/10)

Triumph!  I finished my two 60-minute runs this month, and I am feeling so accomplished.  What is not feeling good is my tailbone, which feels a little bruised after Friday’s run.  The tailbone issue is familiar to me; when I’m running a lot, I find that it hurts if I put pressure directly on it.  However, I can’t recall it ever hurting like this after a run, which worries me.

My December vacation starts today.  I’m on my way to Michigan to spend a week with my family, especially my pint-sized niece and her new sidekick, my baby nephew.  While I’m in the Mitten, I’d like to go for 2-3 runs.  I’m thinking perhaps a ladder: running for 20 minutes one day, then 30 a day or two later, and finishing with a 40-minute run.  I’ve done really well lately with my long runs, and I’d hate to lose my momentum while I’m on vacation.  I’ll be happy if I run at least twice and take some long walks on the other days.

I probably won’t be posting again until I return to Texas, so until then, happy winter, dear reader!  Bundle up and get outside—winter is gorgeous, and if you go play outside, you can warm up with some hot chocolate when you come back inside.

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