Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Elf on Wheels

Christmas Elf's Ride

Shadow Elf and Her Bike


Sunday’s Bike Ride (12/12/10)

Holy moly, was this a hard day to ride a bike!  It was ridiculously windy on Sunday, and my legs were feeling the burn.  The ride was so hard that I almost started crying from the effort to move the bike forward.  Finally, I hopped off and walked it to the end of the block, where I could cross the intersection and ride east instead of north and straight into the wind.

But biking ordeals aside, I had a great Sunday.  I rode to the lab, took care of my fly chores (I work with fruit flies), and then I rode over to Target.  I’m in full-on Christmas elf mode these days, checking off my gift list and putting the final touches on my presents.  Well, sort of.  Because I’m headed to Michigan a full six days before Christmas, I’ll do most of my elf work in the Mitten.  While I’m in Texas, I’m busy buying presents on Amazon and picking up a few things here to take home with me.  At Target, I picked up a new roll of gift wrap, which I realize is not Christmas-themed at all, but stripes are fun and more versatile for the rest of the year.  Also from Target: a great array of birthday cards to keep on hand (I absolutely love birthdays), a new toothbrush made from recycled yogurt containers(!), contact lens solution, and grey sweater tights.  I am obsessed with sweater tights right now, ever since I bought my first pair from the Gap.  I was really excited about this grey pair, but they are way too long!  They bunch at the knees and ankles and look generally awful on me, so I shall be returning this pair.  Sadness.  I’m hoping I can get more sweater tights from the Gap when my sister and I go shopping later this month.  Gap sweater tights rock my world.  See Figure 1 below:

Friday in Skirt and Tights

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