Saturday, December 18, 2010

Unexpectedly Nice

Twisty Bendy

Thursday’s Walk (12/16/10)

On Thursday evening, I walked home from campus.  It wasn’t planned.  The bus was way off its schedule, and I got tired of waiting.  Instead, I slung my bag over my shoulder, and I began my walk through campus to the other side of town, where I live.  And I swear, it was one of the most relaxing things I’ve done this week.  I hardly ever walk through campus; usually I’m riding my bike, speeding to and from work.  It’s a shame, because a walk through campus is lovely.  On this particular evening, the light was pale and golden, the air was cool but mild.  It had been a busy week, and I found myself feeling incredibly happy for this solitude, this time to think without trying to solve some pressing problem.  It was nice.  I’ll have to do this more often.  But next time, maybe I’ll wear my sneakers!


  1. just reading this made me kinda collegesick for my past walks to and from campus. most of the time i was rushing to class or the testing center, but sometimes I'd just stroll. ahh, so nice;)

  2. I agree, Meredith! It seems too bad that college campuses are aesthetically built for strolling, yet most of the time we're all rushing from one thing to another.